Meet Atelier Beccar

Atelier Beccar, based in New York, brings dresses with a fashionable princess touch to MABI.

Atelier Beccar’s collection is renowned for their ultra-feminine style, combining delicate embroidery, sparkly Swarovski embellishments, dramatic trains, and plunging backs with a sense of haute couture and attention to detail.

Romantic. Ethereal. Chic.

Atelier Beccar
Atelier Beccar Bridal Kollektion

What type of women would wear Atelier Beccar’s wedding gowns?
We design wedding gowns for women who appreciate fashion and look for a personal style on her wedding day.

What is the inspiration to develop the collections?
Humans. We want our designs to be truly engaged to women who wear it.

Atelier Beccar's Wedding Dress
Atelier Beccar

Veil or not veil? 
Depends. There is no absolute yes or no as it is all depending on the bride’s total look and style as well as her wedding formality.

Three words to describe Atelier Beccar’s world?
Romantic. Ethereal. Chic.

What design elements do you find to be timeless for a wedding gown? 
A nice gown structure and fitting. A wedding gown after all is one of the most important wardrobes in a woman’s life. A couture finished structure is undoubtedly a timeless element a wedding gown should carry.

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