Meet Chana Marelus

The beauty of Chana Marelus’ timeless gowns attracted MABI. Each unique design uses high quality materials and workmanship with an emphasis on detail, evident in the handmade embroidery and beading work. Chana Marelus specializes in mixing heavily contrasting fabrics, allowing them to flow into a soft feminine result.

Limitless, full of magic and mystery

Chana Marelus

Each of her creations is brought to life with hand sewn embroidered flowers and unique materials, combining the playfulness of the fairy world with the world of today’s modern woman.

Chana Marelus in her own design, Debra.

What does your brand represent for you? 
My brand for me is my art. It’s the way I express myself and my inner world.

What design elements do you find to be timeless for a wedding gown? 
For me pearls and light beads are timeless for a wedding. Also mesh silks are timeless for me–fabrics that have been always used for bridal, and they’re still used today.

Sheera Dress by Chana Marelus
Sheera dress, heavy silk gowns with short sleeves 3D flowers. 

What is the unique and different design process for each one of your pieces? 
I like that all of my gowns have something that connects each one to the others, but each one will have their own way of expression: the placement of the details, the combination of the fabrics, it’s like each gown has its own story. 

Three words to describe your world? 
My world when I design is Limitless anything is possible and full of Magic and Mystery.

Do you think that living in Tel Aviv gives you a different perspective to your design? 
Living in Tel Aviv with so many different cultures in such a small country brings so many ways of inspiration. I love learning more about different cultures and take inspiration from their customs and styles.

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