Meet Dana Harel

MABI felt in love with Dana Harel’s unique approach to bridal design and once we visited her boutique in Tel Aviv and met her amazing persona, we knew we wanted her for MABI. 

Today, the Dana Harel brand provides high-end bridal and evening-wear gowns for the fashion-forward woman. The label breathes fresh air into the bridal industry by designing pieces that integrate intricate techniques with customized fabrics and avant-garde materials like crystal beading, imported leathers and embroidery into the gowns.

“Effortless, Individual, Elegant.

Dana Harel

Dana Harel has designed the wedding gowns and attire for various celebrities including actresses Gina Rodriguez and Adria Arjona, Quentin Tarantino’s wife Daniella Pick, Danielle Synder (from Dannijo), Whitney Tingle (founder of Sakara Life) and many more.

Dana Harel in her atelier.

What does your brand represent for you? 
My brand is effortless style with high end quality. I see it as the answer for all the brides who are looking for this combination. 

What design elements do you find to be timeless for a wedding gown? 
I think that what is so unique in the bridal industry is the use of timeless elements as corsets, volume, inner bonning etc. It’s an integral part of the whole industry and you can find those elements from previous centuries integrat in the news styles. 

Scarlett by Dana Harel
Scarlett dress by Dana Harel

Do you have a favorite quote or affirmation you like?
“I want to feel my life while I’m in it” – Meryl Streep

Three words to describe your world? 
Effortless, Individual, Elegant.

Do you think that living in Tel Aviv gives you a different perspective to your design? 
Israelis brides are very fashion forward. It means that what the Israeli customer will love, the rest of the world will understand it only a few months later. That’s why I’m keeping an open mind in my designs. 

A song that makes you think of love?
God only knows/The Beach Boys

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