Meet Magdalena Mayrock

Searching for wedding dresses that have a clear design language, we found Magdalena Mayrock‘s incredible collection. Her silk dresses are simple, high quality and timeless. Simply adorable.

Minimalist, high quality, timeless.

Magdalena Mayrock

Her dresses are for brides who want a modern and elegant appearance at their wedding that meets their highest demands for this special day.

We love Magdalena Mayrock’s commitment to responsible and sustainable bridal fashion as well as the handcrafted perfection in workmanship and material.

Magdalena Mayrock
Magdalena Mayrock

What does your brand represent to you?
For me, my brand represents the marriage of modern architecture with the perfection of haute couture.

Which design elements do you find timeless in a wedding dress?
High-quality materials, a flowing silhouette and subtle cut-outs will likely never go out of style. Just as elaborately worked details. In the age of fast fashion, I think there is nothing more precious than delicate handicraft.

Bridal Tulle Dress Chloe by Magdalena Mayrock
Bridal Tulle Dress Chloe by Magdalena Mayrock

Three words to describe your world?
Minimalist, high quality, timeless

Do you think that living in Berlin gives you a different perspective on your design?
Our environment has a great influence on each of us – especially creative people. The impressions of my life in Berlin are also reflected in my design process. The very diverse and large creative and cultural scene offers a constant and never-ending flow of inspiration. My favorite city, and for me the capital of fashion, is still Paris.

A poem that makes you think of love?

More like a quote: “Love is heavy and light, bright and dark, hot and cold, sick and healthy, asleep and awake – its everything except what it is! (Act 1, scene 1) ”William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

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