Meet Viktor & Rolf

MABI felt in love with Viktor&Rolf’s architectonic approach to bridal design and beautiful silhouettes for unique brides. The duo’s signatures are sculptural design, folded ruffles, 3-D flowers and embellishments.

Viktor&Rolf’s artistic interpretation of bridalwear carries the three key brand pillars: Unexpected Elegance, Conceptual Glamour, and Provocative Couture. Each dress in the collection has an individual, autonomous character. Classic bridal concepts are reinterpreted in a modern way by Viktor& Rolf’s where their designs are for a City Hall bride, the Rehearsal dinner, the reception, or even the honeymoon.

“Unexpected Elegance, Conceptual Glamour, Provocative Couture”


Viktor&Rolf have designed the wedding gowns and attire for various celebrities including  Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Hailee Steinfeld, Anya Taylor Joy, Jennifer Hudson, Karen Gillan and Christina Aguilera among others.

Viktor & Rolf photographed by Philippe Vogelenzang.

What type of women would wear Viktor&Rolf’s wedding gowns?
It’s not really one type of bride, it’s more about a daring, independent woman with a unique mind-style. Of course she is someone who has to be willing to venture into non- traditional bridal silhouettes. 

Three words to describe Viktor&Rolf’s world?
Conceptual glamour, provocative couture & unexpected elegance.

What design elements do you find to be timeless for a wedding gown?
Sculptural tulle, bold embroideries & graphic bows.

What in The Netherlands inspires 
We chose to live and work outside of Paris because we like to have some distance to fashion. It is important to us however to always show in Paris, which we consider to be our ‘fashion home’. The great thing about fashion, and Paris, is that they are international by nature. We have always embraced that wholeheartedly because we are allergic to provincialism. Having said that, Amsterdam is a cool and relaxed place to be, and it is a great hub from where to travel!

A song that makes you think of love? 
A song is ‘I will always love you’, we watched the netflix documentary on Dolly Parton who wrote the song. Amazing. 

You can find out more about Viktor&Rolf SS21 collection in our blog.

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