What does perfect mean to you?

MABI found a partner in crime for your special moment: Cristina, the owner of Italian Allegria transforms your wedding occasion into something unique and personal.

“When a picky, style-obsessed Italian like me found MABI, I was totally excited! Now I don’t need to send my brides to Italy anymore in order to find the latest bridal fashion trends – Zurich has it now!”

Celebration, be the center of a unforgettable experience

As Cristana’s job is to turn your wedding event into lasting memories, we asked her to give you some suggestions about finding the right dress for the right location: 

©       know your wedding theme, location and travel arrangement beforehand

©       consider in which season you’re getting married

©       do an initial research to define dresses and styles that you like

©       decide if you want multiple dresses for your wedding event – a more formal one for the ceremony and a party-centric (danceable or more “blingy” and outrageous) one for the reception

©       schedule your wedding dress appointment in time so you have enough time for your decision

©       choose your shopping crew wisely – bring people that you love and trust

©       be totally open with your bridal consultant – they are your best secret keeper 

©       trust your feeling 

©       be open for your bridal consultant’s suggestions – sometimes they can see you with different eyes

©       try different styles – but don’t try to many dresses at once, it can be overwhelming

©       pick a dress that you love and not because it’s trendy now

©       consider high quality fabrics and quality – you will feel and experience the value of it

©       always follow your heart and your mind in order to choose the right dress

©       fall in love with your dress

©       enjoy the process of finding your dream dress 

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